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Here’s our pick of the Best Family Games 2019 for all ages. Our choices include the latest card games, board games, novelty games and more traditional games such as Monopoly. Many of these games are new for Christmas 2019. If you can’t find any locally, we’ve included links to Amazon [disclosure].

What’s in the Box?

Challenge your family to guess what’s in the box. Fill it with household items and put your hands inside to guess by feel. Includes timer, scorecards and instructions.

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Gangsta Granny Board Game

New Gangsta Granny Board Game where you ‘Stash The Sway’. For 2-4 players aged 7+.

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The Genius Square

As recommended by one of our testing families, The Genius Square a simple but brilliant game for ages 6 years – adult. Just roll the dice, fill in the blockers on the board and then race against the clock – or an opponent – to fill in the other squares. Genius!

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Pictionary Air

We love a bit of Pictionary but this new version is something completely different. You download the free app, point the in-app camera at the illustrator and they’ll appear, along with their sketch, on the screen of your smart device. You can record your performance and play it back for more laughs in between rounds!

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Bank Attack

New from John Adams and one of the Amazon top toys for Christmas 2019. Bank Attack is a game for 2-4 players aged 7+ where you have five minutes to pull off the heist of the century and win the 50 million. There are five levels to play.

Best family games Bank Attack


We love the TV quiz Tenable, hosted by Warwick Davis. This new board game is based on the show. You just need to find 10 of everything!

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Cashless Monopoly

It’s been all over the news recently. This latest innovation of the game takes Monopoly to the next level. There is a voice-activated Mr Monopoly handling all the transactions, keeping tabs on property and money. No cash and cards to think about! For ages 8+.

Family Games Cashless Monopoly

Exploding Kittens Party Pack

The fabulous, family-friendly Exploding Kittens card game now in a bigger pack, suitable for up to ten players.

Exploding Kittens Party Pack


Soundiculous is from UK games company Gamely, the creators of Randomise. Players have to make and guess the sounds on the card to win points. There are Easy, Medium and Hard cards which makes it a great choice for families. Comes in a compact box so works well for holidays too. Age range 8+.

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Uno Flip

Uno is a massively popular family card game. It’s one of our top favourites for taking on holiday. This new version has an exciting twist where you can flip the entire deck and change the direction of the game entirely.

Family games

Unstable Unicorns

Voted by consumers as The Best Toy Of The Year at the TOTY Awards in 2019. Strategic card game for ages 14+.

Family Games

Family Games 2019 – Peach Snaps

Colour matching card game for ages 6+. Quick play to keep everyone involved. Great game to take on holiday.

Family Games

Harry Potter Lex Go

From Waddington’s, this is fast-paced educational word game with a magical twist for ages 8+.

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Family Games 2019 – Dino Dump Game

New from Big Potato games for ages 6+. A game that combines dinosaurs with poo and includes stinky stickers! Good price for a present to take to a birthday party.

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Family Games 2019 – Giraffes in Scarves

New game from Orchard. Collect the most scarves in this counting and colour matching game. For 2-6 players, ages 4-7.

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Twin It

New pattern matching card game that you play in pairs. According to the product details on Amazon: “if ninjas played card games like ‘Snap’, it would probably be a lot like this”.

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Family Games – The Sock Game

Use touch to find objects in the stripey sock. The first player to pull out the particular thing before the time stops is the winner of this game.

Family games

Break Free

New from Ravensburger. Break Free requires you to pick the lock and break free of the cuffs in the fastest time to win the game.

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Family Games – What’s That Smell?

New from Wow Wee. A true test for your senses. Player who guesses the most smells wins the game!

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Family Games – Pie Face Cannon

Carries on the Pie Face tradition but fires the whipped cream this time. For ages 5+.

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Crystal Maze Board Game

Now you can play the Crystal Maze at home! An assortment of mental, mystery, skill and physical challenges. Suits players aged 10-adult.

Family games 2019


Great matching game for ages 4+. Throw the dice to find the object and colour, and simply grab it!

Family Games

Family Games – Monopoly Junior Electronic Banking

Here’s an old game that still going strong. The ever-popular Monopoly now comes in the cash-free Junior Electronic Banking version.

Family Games

Monopoly Cheaters Edition

We love this new version of Monopoly. It challenges the cheaters of the world to see what they can get away with. But they’ll be chained to jail if they get caught. A great deal of fun – and probably lots of arguments – ahead.

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Ultra Dash

Visual lights and sounds game. Keep active while you’re game playing.

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Hamster Race

The cheese-chasing hamster-racing game. Requires batteries.

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Family Games – Colour Brain

We love Colour Brain! Great game for families with older children – although we played it recently with some 9/10 year-olds in mixed teams. The idea is to correctly name the colour/s for things you see everyday. It’s harder than you think!

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Soggy Doggy

The showering, shaking, dogging bathing game.

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Flushin Frenzy

Flush the number of times indicated on the dice. If the poo flies out, you need to catch it mid-air to win. Lots of laughs guaranteed. For ages 5+.

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Baffled is a new board game for the over 8s. It’s a memory game designed so children and adults have an equal chance of winning.
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Laser Maze

The ‘Beam-bending Logic Game’ for players 8+.

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Family Games – Speak Out Showdown

New from Hasbro. The very popular Speak Out game is now in showdown format.

Family Games

Family Games  – Penguin Pile-Up

A balancing game for 1-6 players. Suitable for ages 5+.

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Pay Day

The one who makes the most cash in this game wins!

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Guinness World Records Challenges

Challenge game for families with kids 8+. Test your knowledge about world records and try out your record-breaking skills.

Family Games

Family Games  – Articulate Kids

A fast-talking description game. For 4-10 players aged 6-12 years.

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Dig In

Rummage through the 132 objects to match the six on your card.

Family Games

Family Games – Googly Eyes

Drawing game with vision-altering glasses. A great game for parties.

Family Games

Speech Breaker

For teens and adult players, this is a voice-jamming challenge game. N

Family Games

Jenga Pass

Rebooted Jenga where the game is to pass the stack. A good game for parties.

Family Games


Classic game where you put down all your tiles to win. There is also a junior version of this game.

Family Games

Crazy Chefs

One of our favourite games from the Orchard Toys range. For younger players aged 3-6 years. Collect Ingredients to make a tasty dish.
Family Games

Game Of Life

Classic game that now includes vacation cards inspired by TripAdvisor.

Family Games

5 Second Rule Junior

Junior game which invites you to “just say it louder!”.

Family Games

Toilet Trouble

Random squirts of water when flush is used. Asks the question: “Which flush will cause the gush?”

Family Games

Game For Fame

Great game for parties. For ages 10+.

Family Games

Go Sushi Party

Deluxe version of one of our favourite games. This is a pass and pick game.

Family Games


The game of silly faces. Lots of laughs with this game – and many pics for your Instagram stories.

Family Games

Crocodile Dentist

A game of daring dentistry for ages 4+.

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Family Games – Rubik’s Race

Race against your opponent to make the pattern first.

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Dinosaur Lotto

Dinosaur Lotto from Orchard Toys. For ages 3-7 years.

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Don’t Step In It

Don’t step in the poo! For kids aged 4+. Lots of family fun with this one.

family games

Slam It!

New from Ideal, Slam It is a fast-paced card game which lovers of Dobble and Uno will enjoy.

Family games

Rainbow Rage

We’ve tried and tested this game and love it! You have to spot the differences in the rainbow cards to build your own rainbow. Great for travel.

Family Games


Fast-paced matching game for ages 6+.

family games


Always on Amazon’s best sellers list. Also comes in Star Wars, Animals and waterproof version for the beach – Related Post. Watch out for Harry Potter Dobble in 2019.

family games

It’s All About You

Suitable for ages 12+. Great after-dinner or holiday game.

Family Games

Exploding Kittens

Family-friendly game for 2-5 players from 7 years+ but there is an older version so check age-suitability carefully – Related Post.

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Fake News

For older children (12+) and adults, it asks: Can you tell the difference between fake news and an actual news story?

family games

Go Sushi

The original card game. A good quick game which is exciting to play. Tested and recommended by us for families with children six-years+.

family games


A party game in the style of Charades or Pictionary for ages 8+.

family games


Family-friendly feel-good game that is perfect for holidays. Suitable for ages 6+. This challenges players to express their true personality and figure out others.

Family Games

Games are great for families

Regular game-playing offers the chance for families to spend quality time together away from the distractions of phones, tablets and telly. Family games also have educational benefits such as learning strategies, taking turns and matching skills.

We are always on the look out for great games and mostly play at Christmas and rainy days, or when we’re on holiday. Our favourite board games are Logo (which we find suits a good range of ages but best played in mixed teams), Cluedo (great for developing strategies) and of course, Monopoly. For holidays, we love card games like Uno, Dobble and Sushi Go.

What are the must-have games this year?

New games are being developed all the time. Recently, there has been a huge surge in the popularity of games for teens/adults. You should check age-suitability when making a purchase as many of the top-selling games are definitely not for children.

It’s very hard to predict what will be the next big trend in games. Lots of new games have a physical element. Pie Face is a good example and was a huge-seller in 2016. A new game called Chow Crown, which is one of Amazon’s Top Ten Toys For Christmas 2018, is a more recent example. Here you have to eat the snacks while the crown whizzes around. Also popular in 2018 are games with a toilet/poop theme such as Flushin Frenzy, Toilet Trouble and Don’t Step In It.

Reboots of classic games

Lots of games reinvent themselves to stay relevant. Others create many different versions of themselves to appeal to niche markets. A great example of this is Monopoly which is available in many new formats and themes this year. As well as the new electronic banking version, you can now get a cheaters game too. New themes of Monopoly this year include Fortnite and Friends.

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