Get A Grip – The No Thumbs Game

By | 13/10/2017

Get A Grip Game

The iconic toy store Hamleys released its Top Ten Toys For Christmas 2017 recently (sourced from The London Evening Standard 12/10/17). One of the products on the list this year is new game Get A Grip.

Get A Grip Game

Could Get A Grip Be The New Pie Face?

Get A Grip challenges you to perform a series of increasingly difficult tasks without using your thumbs. Included in the game is a wrap to secure your thumbs down. It’s a bit like doing things with a pair of oven-mits on. Get A Grip is suitable for players aged 8 years+ but likely to be popular with teenagers too. The Telegraph believes it will replace Pie Face (sourced 12/10/17) as the ‘must have’ game for Christmas. It is a lot of fun although very frustrating too!

Get a grip game

What are the challenges?

You can’t use your thumbs so everything’s a challenge in this game. First of all you shuffle the challenge cards and place them face down. Pick a card, pick an opponent, and go battle against them. You might be asked to sculpt a turtle, draw a skateboarding dog, or even spin a coin. The winner is the first to three cards.

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