The Latest Collectable Crazes

By | 05/03/2018

What Are The Latest Crazes In the Playground?

There are lots of new collectables popping up in the playground. Here’s a bit of an insight in to the latest collectable crazes. In case you can’t find them locally, we’ve included links to Amazon. Any of these might make good non-chocolate gifts for Easter Egg Hunts. PS – for a full list of the latest toy crazes see our page Latest Toy Crazes.

Latest Collectable Crazes Mashems

Shown here in Paw Patrol but available in many different character options including Frozen, Peppa Pig, Batman, Spiderman, Disney Princess, My Little Pony and quite a few more. Each capsule comes with one squishy, squashy random piece. You can collect and trade them. They are good value when bought as ‘Add On’ items on Amazon.

Latest Collectable Crazes Baby Secrets

There are 50 baby characters to collect with Baby Secrets. Each pack includes a baby, bathtub and birth certificate. There are also rare and limited edition babies. The surprise is that you don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl. Place the baby in the water and watch the nappy change colour to see who you’ve got. You can also get high chair, rocking horse, pram and cradle sets to extend the play possibilities.

Latest Collectable Crazes Flush Force

There are 150 Flush Force characters to collect including rare figures. They come in random packs of different sizes. Using water to flush the toilet you’ll see which type you’ve got. Each ‘Flushy’ has its own group. You can also get a collector toilet to keep them all in – yes, really!

Latest Collectable Crazes

Latest Collectable Crazes Hatchimals

The fabulous CollEGGtibles are back in Series Two. Warm each egg until the heart changes from purple to pink and press to hatch. There’s always the chance you’ll find the golden hatchimal. Perfect for Easter Egg hunts!

Latest Collectable Crazes Smashers

Smash open the smashball and find a hidden smasher inside. Currently in Series 1 which has a sporting theme. You can also buy a team bus to store your characters.

Finding your collectables on the internet

As with many things, you may find a wider selection of toy crazes online. However, you will have to factor in delivery costs. Some of the smaller toys are available as ‘Add On’ items which might work well if you’re looking to make other purchases at the same time. Sometimes, it’s better value to buy larger quantities to save money. This is especially helpful if you’re looking for party bag presents or non-chocolate gifts for Easter Egg hunts.

Sometimes prices are higher on the internet because these crazes are in very high demand. You should check exactly what you’re getting for your money and only buy if you’re comfortable with the price. Also note that some must-have toys are shipped from overseas so could take a while to arrive. Most of these collectables are aimed at ages 4-5 years+ but also check age suitability before buying.

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