LOL Surprise Dolls

By | December 28, 2019

Unwrapping Fun With The LOLs

LOL Surprise Dolls are a huge toy craze worldwide. The original series came out early in 2017. Bigger surprise dolls and playsets usually drop in the run-up to Christmas and are always big sellers. The LOLs feature on our list of Toy Crazes. If you can’t find any of these LOL Surprise Dolls locally, we’ve included links to Amazon [disclosure] where you can check prices too. The latest arrivals feature at the top of this page.

LOL Amazing Surprise

The ultimate unboxing gift for LOL fans. Includes 14 exclusive dolls and 70+ surprises in a maze-type experience.

LOL Surprise Dolls

LOL Winter Surprise

With over 25 unwrapping surprises, the new Winter Disco LOL has styled hair and lots of exciting stunning features.

LOL Surprise Dolls

LOL Winter Ski Chalet

Wow – this is an amazing gift for an LOL fan including 95+ surprises! A wooden multi-story chalet house with six rooms and interactive features that include a chimney that snows and a real ice-skating rink. One of Hamleys’ Top Ten Toys for Christmas 2019.

LOL Surprise

LOL Glamper

Brilliant playset for kids who love the LOL dolls. Includes more than 55 surprises. The glamper extends to two feet long and features 10 different hangout zones for the LOLs. For children aged 6+. Features on the Christmas List of Argos.

LOL Surprise Dolls

LOL Surprise OMG Doll

New for 2019, the OMG dolls are Barbie-type fashion dolls with 20+ surprises. Each comes with a unique unboxing experience and there are four to collect. Features on the 2019 Christmas List of online retailer Amazon.

LOL Surprise Dolls OMG

LOL Surprise – Outfit of the Day

This works well as an Advent Calendar as there are 25+ surprises in this box, with one to open every day.

toy advent calendar

LOL Fluffy Pets

Unwrap nine surprises with the new Fluffy Pets LOL Surprise. Part of the Winter Disco range for 2019. See our blog post on the latest LOL Surprise Dolls.

LOL Surprise Dolls

LOL Jigsaw Puzzle

New for 2019, this LOL puzzle is from trusted jigsaw brand Ravensburger. With 72 pieces, it is suitable for ages 6+. A well-priced present to take to a birthday party.

LOL Surprise Dolls

LOL Surprise Sparkle Series

New for 2019 is the Sparkle series with 7+ surprises.

LOL Surprise Dolls

LOL Surprise Ooh La Baby Lil Kitty Queen 

New for 2019, LOL Ooh La Baby Lil’ Kitty Queen comes with kitty bag and make-up surprises including colour-change lip gloss necklace. Also includes dummy, cracked mobile phone (!) and disappearing glitter bottle.

LOL Surprise Dolls

LOL Surprise Queen Bee

This is a sweet LOL set that includes furniture for the LOL Surprise House. Comes with re-released Queen Bee from series one. There are three others to collect including bedroom, cozy coupe and salon.

LOL Surprise Dolls

LOL Monopoly

New for 2019 is LOL Monopoly. Instead of properties, you can trade cards with the images of all your favourite dolls.

LOL Surprise Dolls

LOL Bubbly Surprise

The LOL Surprise Dolls Bubbly Surprise includes an exclusive LOL Surprise doll and pet. There are six more surprises to unwrap and the packaging becomes a bag and playset too.

LOL Surprise Dolls

LOL Backpack

Cute backpack featuring the LOLs. Well-priced for a birthday party present.

LOL Surprise

LOL Surprise House

The LOL dolls house was a massive seller for Christmas 2018. It’s a great home and playset for all your LOL dolls.

LOL Surprise Dolls

Fuzzy Pets

New LOL where you wash off the fuzz to reveal the pet.

LOL Surprise dolls

LOL Surprise Hair Goals

New LOL Surprise with 15 surprises in hairspray can capsule.

LOL Surprise

LOL Jewellery Series

Brand new in the LOL family is the jewellery series where you can make your own watch.

LOL Surprise

LOL Colour Switch Surprise

Also new is colour switch sequin purse with DIY accessories.

LOL Surprise

LOL Surprise Doodle Pillow

Hours of doodling fun with this new LOL Surprise pillow which can be washed if you want to start again.

LOL Surprise

LOL Glitter

The glitterised version of the LOL doll.

LOL Surprise Dolls

Series 3

Series 3 introduces the LOL Surprise Dolls Lil Sisters.

LOL Surprise Dolls

LOL Surprise Dolls – Pets

The LOL Surprise Dolls Pets have seven surprises. Feed your L.O.L. Surprise Pets with the water bottle or bathe them to find out if they cry, spit, tinkle, or colour change

LOL Surprise Dolls

Confetti Pack

There are nine surprises in the Confetti Pop Pack which mixes and matches with the other LOL Surprise Dolls.

LOL Surprise Dolls

Have you seen these LOL products?

Here’s a few new LOL Surprise Dolls products that will thrill any LOL fan.

LOL Crackers

LOL Surprise dolls

LOL Surprise Jewellery Box

Pop Up Store

LOL Surprise

Surprise Biggie Pet

LOL Surprise

LOL Surprise Dolls Game

LOL Surprise Dolls Game


LOL Surprise Dolls

Surprise Puzzle

LOL Surprise Dolls

What’s Inside The Layers?

Inside each of the layers are various different surprises and play features. For example in the new LOL Surprise Eye Spy there are 15 surprises. You find surprise clues with the spy glass and feed or bathe the doll to discover water surprises too. There are new products coming out all the time including accessories like bedding, stationery and backpacks. LOL Surprise Dolls currently have a devoted global audience.

About Collectibles

Some people suggest that collectible toys help children develop lifelong skills including social skills. And it helps them be more organised as they manage their collections. Collectibles are now one of the most popular types of toys for children.

As reported by Toy World Magazine, collectible sales rose 32% year-on-year since 2017. They currently represent 14% of total sales in the market. Furthermore LOL Surprise combines the collectible toy with the surprise unwrapping trend – the best of both worlds.

They also report (figures from NPD/Retail Tracking Service) that LOL Surprise took three of the top four spots in the list of best-selling toys in the UK from 2-8 December 2018. This was the crucial Christmas trading period.

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