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Here’s our pick of the Best New Family Games for all ages. Our choices include the latest card games, board games, novelty games and more traditional games such as Monopoly. Our family loves playing board games on winter evenings, holidays and weekends away. Regular games nights are a great way to keep them away from their screens. If you can’t find any locally, we’ve included links to Amazon [disclosure].

See our latest pick of Top Games to take on Holiday.

Giant Pass The Pigs

Our teenage testers had loads of fun with Giant Pass The Pigs. If you’re familiar with the original game, you’ll know you throw the little piggies like dice and calculate your score based on the positions they fall. So, a Razorback – where the pig falls on its back – is five points and a ‘Snouter’ – where it falls on its nose – is ten points. There are other outcomes too, some easier than others, and in this game you get more points for a pair! Giant Pass The Pigs is different because the pigs are inflatable and much, much bigger (nearly 60cm across the back). The teens had a lot of laughs and thought the game was especially suited to an outdoor gathering or around the pool, if you’re lucky enough to get away this summer. The age range is 6+. See more gifts for teenagers.

Image of Giant Pass The PIgs with inflatable pigs, one of our picks of the best family games and great to take on holiday

Monopoly Jurassic Park

Great for staycations, this is the new Monopoly set featuring Jurassic Park. For ages 8+.

image of monopoly jurassic park one of our picks of the best new games for all the family

Family Games – A Little Wordy

New from the team behind Exploding Kittens, this is a word game where you have to make a word out of tiles and then use cue cards to guess each other’s words.

image of a little wordy new game from the creators of exploding kittens and one of our picks of the best family games around

Totem Infernal Power

Top-spinning game with five spinning tops and launcher for ages 7+.

image of totem infernal power top spinning challenge game, one of our picks of the best family games of the moment

Family Games 2021 – Uno Showdown

Uno Showdown is on Amazon’s latest list of top toys and offers the surprise excitement of a ‘showdown’ unit.

image of uno showdown game one of our picks of the best family games

Kids Against Maturity

This card game describes itself as being for ‘evolved parents’ and teenagers. Includes ‘age-appropriate toilet humour’!

IMAGE OF KIDS AGAINST MATURITY game one of our picks of family games for older kids and teenagers

Family Games – Stacking Game

From Jacques of London, this is a stacking game in multi-colour. If you like Jenga, this is for you. We think it would make a great gift too.

image of stacking game from Jacques, one of our picks of the best toys 2021

Logo 2nd Edition

Logo is one of our favourite family games. Now out in the 2nd edition with all new questions. As tested by us, this is bang-up-to-date so kids will know the brands much better than before.  It’s one for older kids aged 12+.

image of logo 2nd edition, the updated version of this popular family game

Einstein Eats Eggs

Fast-talking charades game where you play in teams to guess three word alliterative phrases. Use any clues you can except the actual words. For ages 10+.

Family games for 2021 include Einstein eats eggs a fast-talking charades game for ages 10+

Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza

Hand-slapping card game that’s a bit like snap but you need to get the card to match the word. For 2-8 players aged 8+. Selected by The Telegraph as one of the 10 Best Family Games to play at Christmas.

Family games taco, cat, goat, cheese, pizza

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition

The very famous party game is now available as a family edition. It’s been completely rewritten and play-tested for families with kids aged 8+.

family games cards against humanity

Pencil Nose

The overall winner in the Family Games section on How To Spend It Well At Christmas last year was Pencil Nose which is a bit like Pictionary but you have to hold the pencil (or pen) on your nose.

family games

Drone Home

One of the Hero Toys 2020 and as seen on How To Spend It Well At Christmas, Drone Home is the first-ever game with a real drone. Race to launch your aliens along the ramp and into the drone. For ages 6+.

family games 2020

Five Second Rule Spintensity

Electronic version of the classic game now with a spinner for a new challenge each time. Includes 200 cards with 400 topics. For ages 12+. Features on the Telegraph 10 Best Family Games to play at Christmas.

Family games spintensity

Mad Dog

Mad Dog is a randomised action game for kids aged 4+ with two or more players.

family games

Slimy Joe

Fun-filled messy game with lots of slime for ages 4+ for 2-4 players. Save the flutterbies from Slimy Joe who is a carnivorous plant.

family games slimy joe

Screwball Scramble 2

On the list of This Morning Christmas Must Have Toys last year is the updated version of the classic family game for ages 5+. Now with all kinds of new challenges as players try to guide the marble through a brand-new maze.

latest family games screwball scramble

New Family Games – Pensilly

Super silly drawing and guessing game for all the family. Features on the Lockdown Showdown List of the Dream Toys last year.

family games

Articulate Fame

As tested by us, Articulate Fame has all the fun of the original game but no board. It’s focused on celebrities and incorporates a bit of a memory element for extra fun. For ages 10+.

best family games 2020

Frozen Unicorns

A game of silly statues for all the family aged 6+.

family games

Big Money

New game from Ravensburger and one of the Hero Toys 2020. Big Money is a fun money game where you roll the dice to rake in the dough! For ages 8+.

family games

Monopoly Mega Edition

New ‘mega’ version of the very popular game. Has a huge gameboard with 12 extra spaces, including eight new streets and skyscrapers. For ages 8+.

family games monopoly mega

Monopoly Sore Losers

Twist on the trad Monopoly game which turns losing on its head and celebrates it instead. New rules just for losers such as winning monehy when you go to jail. One of the Dream Toys last year and on the latest list of top toys from Smyths. For ages 8+.

family games monopoly sore losers


As recommended by Made For Mums in their latest Christmas selection. This is a lily-pad hopping game for 2-6 players aged 6+.

family games froggit

Poo Bingo

Discover all you ever wanted to know about poo – and more – with Poo Bingo. Features 24 animals and their uniquely shaped poos!

family games

Family Games – Cluedo Liars

We like this twist on one of our favourite games. In Cluedo Liars Edition you have to lie to get to the truth! Features on the Lockdown Showdown List of the Dream Toys. 

family games

P is for Pizza

Fast-paced word game where the aim is to shout out a word that links the letter on one card to the category on another. For ages 8+. New from Big Potato games – a name you’ll know from What Came First, Colour Brain and more.

family games

Germ Attack Game

New game from Horrible Science for ages 8+. You must beat the germs in a ruthless race through the body. First team to reach the heart wins. Lots of fun questions about your insides to win bonus points. For 2-6 players.

family games

Herd Mentality

The idea is to work out what everyone else will answer to a particular question such as: What is the best way to cook an egg? Selected as one of the Best 10 Family Games to Play at Christmas by The Telegraph last year.

family games

Trapped Game

New escape room game in three kits – the one shown is ‘Bank Job’. Includes real codes to crack and tests to pass. For ages 8+. Complete with code-reading square, puzzles, clues, solutions and props.

family games

Virus Card Game

Us any means you can to immunise yourself while trying to stop your opponents from infecting, destroying or stealing your organs. For 2-6 players aged 6+.

family games

UNO Frozen 2

New UNO version featuring all your favourites from Disney Frozen 2. There’s also a special ‘Forces of Nature’ rule. For players aged 7+.

family games

Drawsome People

Drawsome People is a new drawing and guessing game for 2-10 players aged 11+ from Ridley Games. It challenges players to draw celebrities, characters and fellow players in a variety of different ways. Selected as one of the Hero Toys 2020.

Must have toys 2020

What Came First Game

New in 2019 from Big Potato Games (Colour Brain, Don’t Get Got etc) is What Came First. For ages 10+, you bet on which one came first for example, mayonnaise or ketchup? It’s fast-paced and fun. A great alternative to bingeing on boxsets!

family games

New Family Games – Monopoly Speed

When we were young, there were games of Monopoly that lasted days on end. Life is a bit faster now so here’s a new game of Monopoly that is made for those of us who have very little time on our hands. You can get through a whole game in 10 minutes!

family games

New Family Games – Throw Throw Burrito

From the people behind Exploding Kittens, this an action party game for 2-6 players aged 7+. Selected by The Telegraph as one of the 10 Best Family Games to play at Christmas last year.

family games

Family Games – Pictionary Air

Download the free app, point the in-app camera at the illustrator and they’ll appear, along with their sketch, on the screen of your smart device. For ages 8+. Perfect for family games nights.

family games

Harry Potter Cluedo

For ages 9+, this is the classic game but featuring all your favourite HP characters.

family games

Slap Ninja

Play as the Ninja master and use his huge Karate chop slap to defend the coin. Or play as the student trying to tap the coin. The first player to defeat their opponent three times is the winner! For ages 8+.

family games

Harry Potter Dobble

Dobble always comes on holiday with us. This Harry Potter version adds a new dimension to the game for all Potter fans.

family games

Family Games – The Genius Square

As recommended by one of our testing families, The Genius Square a simple but brilliant game for ages 6 years – adult. Just roll the dice, fill in the blockers on the board and then race against the clock – or an opponent – to fill in the other squares.

family games genius square

Family Games – Colour Brain

Tested and recommended by our family. This is a great game for families with older children – although we played it recently with some 9/10 year-olds in mixed teams which worked very well. You need to correctly name the colour/s for things you see everyday. It’s harder than you think!

family games

And now also available in Disney Colour Brain.

And Junior Colour Brain for ages 6+.

family games

Monopoly Voice Banking

It’s been all over the news recently. This latest innovation of the game takes Monopoly to the next level. There is a voice-activated Mr Monopoly handling all the transactions, keeping tabs on property and money. No cash and cards to think about! For ages 8+.

family games monopoly

Family Games – Exploding Kittens Party Pack

The fabulous, family-friendly Exploding Kittens card game now in a bigger pack, suitable for up to ten players.

family games

And the third expansion set – Barking Kittens – is now available.

family games

Family Games – Soundiculous

Soundiculous is from UK games company Gamely, the creators of Randomise. Players have to make and guess the sounds on the card to win points. There are Easy, Medium and Hard cards which makes it a great choice for families. Comes in a compact box so works well for holidays too. Age range 8+.

family games 2020

Family Games – Dino Dump Game

New from Big Potato games for ages 6+. A game that combines dinosaurs with poo and includes stinky stickers. Good price for a present to take to a birthday party.

family games dino dump

Family Games – Giraffes in Scarves

New game from Orchard. Collect the most scarves in this counting and colour matching game. For 2-6 players, ages 4-7.

family games giraffes in scarfs


A party game in the style of Charades or Pictionary for ages 8+ from British games company Gamely. Perfectly sized for taking on holidays.

Great Family Games – Sussed

Family-friendly feel-good game that is perfect for Zoom calls. This challenges players to express their true personality and figure out others. Ages 8+.

Games are great for families

Regular game-playing offers the chance for families to spend quality time together away from the distractions of phones, tablets and telly. Family games also have educational benefits such as learning strategies, taking turns and matching skills.

We are always on the look out for great games and mostly play at Christmas and rainy days, or when we’re on holiday. Our favourite classic board games are Logo (which we find suits a good range of ages but best played in mixed teams), Cluedo (great for developing strategies), Articulate and of course, Monopoly. For holidays, we love card games like Uno, Dobble and Sushi Go.

What are the must-have games this year?

New games are being developed all the time. Recently, there has been a huge surge in the popularity of games for teens/adults. You should check age-suitability when making a purchase as many of the top-selling games are definitely not for children. Games are also becoming more targeted to specific interests. The many reboots of Monopoly are examples of this. Also, newer games such as Dobble are also bringing out multiple versions with particular themes such as Harry Potter.

It’s very hard to predict what will be the next big trend in games. Currently, games you can play over Zoom or fun family games are very popular.

Reboots of classic games

Lots of games reinvent themselves to stay relevant. Others create many different versions of themselves to appeal to niche markets. A great example of this is Monopoly which is available in many new formats and themes every year. The latest Monopoly games are Mega, Cheaters and specialist interest such as Pacman.

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