New Toy Crazes 2019

By | 17/01/2019

What Are The Latest Crazes For Kids?

Our pick of the New Toy Crazes 2019. We’re looking at new products, toy trends, best-selling toys and toy award winners to put together a list of crazes that look set to be popular in 2019. If you can’t find any of these products locally, we’ve included links to Amazon [Disclosure].

Toy Crazes 2019 – Hatchimals Mermal Magic

The ever-popular Hatchimals has launched new collectibles in their Colleggtibles range with a mermaid theme. Mermal Magic feature seashell-shaped eggs and colour-changing Hatchimals. Will mermaids be a big toy trend this year?

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Funko Pop Fantastic Beasts Niffler

Funko Pop has a wide range of collectible vinyl figures. We think these will be new toys crazes 2019. Here’s the completely adorable Niffler from the brilliant Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 2.

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New Toy Crazes 2019 – Skwisheez

In 2018, there were lots of crazes that incorporated more than one toy trend or craze idea. And here is another. Skwisheez are a cross between squishies and stationery. New from Blue Sky Studios.

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Mighty Beanz

Mighty Beans are little beans that actually come alive! There are 120 to collect in series one including rare and super-rare ones. Available in singles, multi-pack (shown) and mega-packs. There is also a race track where you dodge the hammers and roll to victory.

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Toy Crazes 2019 – LOL Surprise Pet

The LOL Surprise Dolls continue to be huge sellers. At the time of writing, there are six different LOLs in Amazon’s List of Top 100 Best-selling toys. LOL Surprise Under Eye Spy was big at Christmas 2018 and is one of the nominations in the Best Collectible category in the Toy Of The Year Awards to be announced soon. The latest offering from LOL Surprise is the interactive live surprise below. Look set to be one of popular new toy crazes 2019.

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Perhaps a puzzle craze will take off again in 2019? If so, this might be a contender. Flipside is a light up fidget challenge game where you flip to find the colour and slide to match the lights. New in 2018 and suitable for ages 8+.

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New Toy Crazes 2019 – Harry Potter LEGO Brickheadz

The world of Harry Potter is ever-popular with older children. These adorable Brick Headz buildable sets (for ages 10+) are high on detail and a must for any HP fan.

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Will Slime Stick Around in 2019?

Slime is still super-popular. Lots of ‘Slimers’ (yes, it’s a thing!) have their own recipes and command lots of attention on social media. However, at the time of writing, the very popular and well-priced Cra-Z-Slimy Creations is still in the list of top 100 best-selling toys and games on Amazon. If you’re starting out in slime, this is a good product to buy.


Toy Crazes Down The Years

Back in the day, it was the hula-hoop, Yo-Yo and the Rubik’s Cube. We had double-dutch skipping and hopscotch crazes too. For boys it was mostly trading cards and stickers.

More recently there were Squinkies, Loom Bands, Tsum Tsums, Zhu Zhu Pets, Silly bandz and Moshi Monsters. For 2019, it looks like collectible toys will remain very popular.

Also, you know a craze is a craze when it is banned from school. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s over. Lots of crazes are reinvented time and time again.

Children love new toy crazes

Children love a craze because they love novelty. If something’s new, they want it. Kids don’t have the same ability to wait for things. Sometimes this can be very frustrating for adults. This could be people on social media as well as real-life friends and acquaintances. If someone they admire has something, they may well want it to because they want to be like that person.

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