New Toy Crazes 2020

By | 02/07/2020

The Latest Toy Crazes For Kids

Here’s our pick of the New Toy Crazes 2020. These are the coolest new toys we think will be popular for boys and girls in 2020. Toy Crazes are often smaller collectible toys that build around a theme such as unwrapping, slime, unicorns, aliens or dinosaurs. They are sometimes referred to as ‘playground crazes’. Toy trends often build on ideas from YouTube videos or follow TV shows. Here’s the latest, most-wanted on-trend toys and crazes we’ve heard about. If you can’t find any of these products locally, we’ve included links to Amazon [Disclosure].

Oh My Gif

New collectables to represent all your favourite gifs.

toy crazes oh my gif

Hatchimals Bouquet

New from the Hatchimals is the Spring Bouquet with Hatchimals hidden inside.

Latest toy crazes

Hexbug Micro Creatures

Little robotic bugs with a bouncing tail and free-swinging claws. For the over-8s, requires batteries.

Latest toy crazes

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Cave Club Dolls

As seen on YouTube, the Cave Club dolls are prehistoric BFFs. There are five characters to collect. For ages 5+.

Latest toy crazes cave club

Kinetic Sand Buried Treasure

Use one of three mystery hidden tools to dig for three coins. For ages 3+

Latest toy crazes

LEGO Minifigures Series 20

Single, random pack containing one of 16 characters in the new series 20 of the Minifigures range. Our personal favourite is the Peapod Costumed figure!

Latest toy crazes

Bunch O Balloons

New in 2020, this set of Bunch O Balloons comprises three bundles (35 water bombs each) which can be filled in a few seconds. Getting water-bombing!

Latest Toy Crazes 2020

Fly Wheels

Perform extreme stunts and jumps with Fly Wheels. Jumps up to nine metres. Recommended age range 8-11 years.

Latest Toy Crazes


Shown here in Lola The Pink Tie Dye Unicorn. For ages 3+.

Latest toy crazes unicorn squishmallow Lola

44 Cats Figures

These are 7cm figures from the popular 44 Cats cartoon.

latest toy crazes

Cutetitos Fruititos

Series Four of the Cutetitos features fruit wraps.

latest toy crazes

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Treasure X Alien Eggs

Break open the hard outer shell to discover a squishy alien egg inside Squeeze to hatch and watch it explode

New Toy Crazes 2020

Kitten Catfé

The new surprise Purrista dolls come in their own coffee cup with 12 to collect.

Toy crazes 2020 Kitten cafe


Little mermaids who live in a shell. Magically opens with water. With five surprises. Supervised play for ages 3+.

Latest Toy Crazes 2020

Superzings series 5

The Superzings are now in series 5. This is a blister pack with ten figurines including one super-rare one.

Latest Toy Crazes

Hairdorables Series 4

Scented doll with 11 surprises inside!

Toy crazes 2020

LEGO Dots Rainbow Jewellery Stand

LEGO Dots are a new craft building idea from LEGO. Decorate this stand in your own style and use it to display your jewellery. You can buy packs of extra dots and other projects such as an animal pen holder. For kids aged 6+.

New Toy Crazes LEGO dots

FgTeeV Mini Mystery Figures

Based on the very successful YouTube channel and filled with surprises including a collectible mystery figure, photo- reactive putty, a mini black light and vinyl stickers. For ages 3+

new toy crazes

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Hair Chalks

One of the biggest crazes at the moment is colouring your hair. This set of hair chalks comes in ten colours. Comb through for no mess.

latest toy crazes 2020 hair chalks

Elmer’s Glitter Slime Kit

Slime continues to be a popular craze for kids. This glitter set from Elmer’s is one of the best-selling kits on Amazon at the moment. No extra ingredients are required. Always supervise slime play.

toy crazes 2020

Sticky Slime

Amazon choice pick for toys under £2. We just love the look of this sticky slug!

Toy crazes

LOL Surprise Car

New from the ever-popular LOLs, this is the new Car-Pool Coupe with surprise pool and dancefloor. Includes one exclusive tot doll. Has adjustable seats so sits the LOL Surprise dolls as well as the OMG dolls.

new toy crazes - LOL Surprise

Barbie Colour Reveal

Barbie Surprise Reveal collectible has seven surprises including a reveal.


Pokemon Sword and Shield

The new Sword and Shield Build and Battle box from Pokemon.

Latest toy crazes

Uni Verse

Surprise unicorn unicorn with magic reveal experience.

Toy crazes uni verse

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Power Pux Challenge Pack

One of the Hero Toys 2020. You can play, collect and trade the Power Pux. This is a challenge pack where you can play against your friends. Includes a launcher, Pux cups, target and five Pux discs.

toy crazes 2020

Heroes of Goo Jit Zoo – Marvel Superheroes

The stretchiest, gooiest and squishiest Superheroes ever from the Goo Jit Zoo range. For kids aged 4+. See other new toy crazes. One of the Hero Toys 2020. See more of the New Must Have Toys 2020.

New toy crazes 2020 Goo Jit Zoo

LOL Hair Vibes

New from LOL Surprise. Hair Vibes doll with 15 surprises including mix and match hair.

New toy crazes 2020

Treasure X Fire vs Ice

All-new eruption unboxing experience from Treasure X.

New toy crazes Fire vs Ice


Add water and shake up a surprise cloud creation experience that kids will love.

new toy crazes 2020

Trolls Tiny Dancers

The new Trolls film comes out in the Spring. The Tiny Dancers are little collectible figures that shimmy and shake. You can put them on bracelets, add charms and make them dance.

New toy crazes 2020 trolls

LEGO Friends Playcube

New collectible from LEGO with 36 pieces, one doll and a surprise pet. Great gift to take to a birthday party for ages 6+. There are five to collect.

New toy crazes 2020 Lego playcube

Kinetic Sand

New set from Kinetic Sand including ten tools and 906 g of sand. Mix, mould, shift its shape, scope it or grate it. Includes a backdrop so you can share videos of your Kinetic Sand adventures with friends. We think this is a great present for ages three and up but best enjoyed by slightly older children.

Latest toy crazes kinetic sand

Funko Sith Jet Trooper

New from Funko is the Sith Jet Trooper as featured in the new Star Wars film. Well priced for a birthday party present for a Star Wars fan.

New toy crazes 2020 sith trooper

Pop Pop Hair Surprise

New unboxing toy where you spray the pop pod to reveal surprises with a hair theme.

New toy crazes 2020 pop pop hair surprise

Na Na Na Surprise

New unboxing surprise doll which features a real balloon that you inflate and then pop to find your confetti surprise. There are six to collect in series one.

Link to new toy crazes 2020 na na na surprise

Shopkins Real Littles

The brands you find in the supermarket just smaller! An Amazon Choice Product.

stocking fillers

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Pound Puppies Newborn

Completely adorable authentic reproduction of the original Pound Puppies Newborns from the 80s! Adopt and name your own Pound Puppy.

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Roblox Figurines

Join six famous characters from the world of Roblox and create your own imaginative adventures. These little figurines featured on How To Spend It Well at the end of 2019.

New toy crazes 2019

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Little Live Pets OMG Pets

Completely adorable. Comes with 15+ sounds and reactions. Soft and squishy. Magical feeding bottle reveals whether it’s a boy or a girl.

latest toy crazes 2019

Stretchy Poo

As voted one of the Top Stocking Fillers on How To Spend It Well At Christmas.

new toy crazes

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Fart Ninja

As seen on How To Spend It Well At Christmas. With 10 realistic fart sounds.


New collectible plush toys.

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Dino Slime

Turns water in to gooey slime. Includes two dinosaurs.

new toy crazes

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Untamed Snakes

New from the people behind the Fingerlings monkeys and dinosaurs, these are the untamed snakes. They react to sound, motion and touch but watch out, they also lunge. It featured on How To Spend It Well At Christmas 2019.

new toy crazes

Goo Jit Zu

The Heroes of Goo Jit Zu are the squishiest, stretchiest and gooiest action figures. For ages 4+.

latest toy crazes

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Twisty Petz Unicorn Family

New from Twisty Petz and nominated in the Curious Creatures Category of the Dream Toys 2019. If you’re browsing for a unicorn fan, see our post on other Unicorn Toys.

Latest Toy Crazes

Marvel Avengers Titan Series Pack

Marvel Avengers Infinity War Titian Hero Series. Featuring Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Star-Lord and Black Panther. This Special pack also features the Titan Hero Power FX launcher pack.

Latest toy crazes

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Bakugan

Bakugan are collectible transforming creatures that you use to play battle games. This starter pack includes three Bakugan to get you started. For ages 6+.

New Toy Crazes 2019

Blinger Diamond

Blinger Diamond is a styling tool to bling up hair, bags, clothing and many more uses. One of the Hot 10 Holiday Toys from the US toysite The Toy Insider.

toy crazes

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Hatching Toothless Dragon

New for 2019, hatch your own baby dragon. One of Amazon’s Bestsellers in Toys and Games.

Toy crazes 2019

LOL Fashion Dolls

The fashion dolls are the big sisters of the original surprise dolls. They come with 20+ unboxing surprises. The Diva doll was on Amazon’s Top Toys for Christmas 2019.

toy crazes 2020

Poopsie Surprise Fashion Dolls

New in the Poopsie brand are their own fashion dolls. These featured on the Christmas List at Hamleys.

Also from Poopsie are the Cutie Tooties, a slime and unboxing experience with slime surprise and mystery character.

Toy crazes 2019

Hatchimals Wow

The largest Hatchimals egg ever! As seen on How To Spend It Well At Christmas.

latest toy crazes

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Orbeez

Add water to reveal your Polar Magic Surprise Pet.

Latest Toy Crazes

Mini Boos

Now available in series three!

Latest Toy Crazes

Pikmi Pops Doughmi Rainbow Unicorn

Crack the centre of the donut to reveal a cute and squishy Jelly Pikmi hidden inside.

latest toy crazes

Latest Toy Crazes – Jurassic World Snap Squad

Little dinosaur collectibles where the mouth of each figure opens to “snap on” to fingers, clothing and other accessories.

Latest Toy Crazes

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Foodie Roos

Adorable plush collectibles that look, feel and smell like our favourite foods!

Latest Toy Crazes


New collectible dolls with amazing hair!

toy crazes 2019

Latest Toy Crazes – Pixie Belles

The Pixie Belles can be worn on your clothing and tell you their mood with their colour-change horn. They can even detect your cheek to give you a kiss! For ages 5+.

Latest Toy Crazes

Swarm Squad

Hyper-real, speedy bugs who you can collect, battle and race. Each bug has different speeds, designs and movements.

Latest Toy Crazes

Smart Putty UV

Tested by one of our junior testers this week who thought Smart Putty UV was ‘very cool indeed’. Great stocking filler. Slime/Goo/Putty is still sticking around!

latest toy crazes

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Wraptiles

The Wraptile speaks to you and other Wraptiles. Secured by the slap-band tail. With more than 25 reactions including light-up eyes to reflect mood. For ages 5+.

Latest Toy Crazes

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Goo Galaxy

Lots of these on the shelves in the new FAO Schwarz in Selfridges. Includes goo doll, goo-to-go cup, straw and goo ingredients. For ages 5+.

toy crazes

Lucky Fortune

New surprise fortune cookie collectibles with bracelets and charms. Named Best Collectable in the annual toy awards from parenting website Made For Mums.

Toy Crazes Lucky Fortune

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Fuzzikins

New creative toy where you decorate the character and the shop setting. Winner of the Best Art/Craft Toy in the annual toy awards from parenting website Made For Mums.

New Toy Crazes

Snapstar Dolls

Brand new for Autumn 2019. The Snapstars are 25cm dolls that pose for pics. There’s a free downloadable app too!

Latest Toy Crazes

Scruff-a-Luvs Babies

New for September 2019 are the baby Scruff-a-Luvs.

Latest Toy Crazes

Scuff-a-Luv Real Rescue was one of Hamleys Top Ten Toys For Christmas 2019.

There’s also the Christmassy Snow Pals series.

latest toy crazes


New from Tomy, the Rizmos are cute musical interactive plush toys that love to play. You can even sing a tune and Rizmo will sing it back to you. Featured on How To Spend It Well At Christmas 2019.

Must Have Toys 2019

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Polly Pocket

There are lots of new Polly Pocket sets for 2019. This is the Teeny Tot Nursery which would make a brilliant stocking filler.

toy crazes 2019

There’s a new mall for the Polly Pockets featuring six floors.

Latest Toy Crazes


Skill-building craze for ages 6+.

Latest Toy Crazes


Baby Born Surprise

Now in series 2.

toy crazes 2019

Includes 20+ surprises including colour-change hair.

Latest Toy Crazes

Playset in the shape of a baby’s bottle for the Baby Born Surprise babies.

Latest Toy crazes

New Toy Crazes 2020 -Pomsies Lumies

New from the Pomsies are the Lumies range – a rainbow-charged interactive pet.

Latest toy crazes

Capsule Chix

Build your own ‘one of a kind’ fashion doll. Five surprises in the capsule.

Latest Toy Crazes

Smashers Epic Dino Egg Series 3

Came second in the Collectibles category at the recent BlogOn Toy Awards 2019. Contains 25 surprises. Won 2nd Prize in the Collectibles category in the BlogOn Toy Awards 2019.

Latest Toy crazes


Pluffle (don’t you love the name?) is playfoam that never dries out. It’s fluffy, mixable and memorising when you watch it fall. For ages 5+.

toy crazes 2019

Cutetitos Babies

Surprise mystery unwrapping plush toy.

toy crazes

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Nestlings

Nestlings are cute friends that kids can care for, play games and interact with.

Toy Crazes UK

Toy Crazes UK – Rainbocorns Llamacorn

New from the Rainbocorns is the Llamacorn.

Latest Toy Crazes

Pikmi Pops Fruit Fiesta Flip

New from Pikmi Pops.

Latest Toy Crazes

Pop Hair Surprise

New surprise hair-tastic doll with over eight ways to play.

New Toy Crazes 2019


New Toy Crazes 2020 – Pikmi Pop Donuts

The latest surprise craze from Pikmi Pops.

New Toy Crazes 2019

Lucky Fortune

New surprise fortune cookie collectibles with bracelets and charms. Named Best Collectible in the Made for Mums Toy Awards 2019.

New Toy Crazes 2019

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Moji Pops

The Moji Pops are new collectibles that change their emotions.

New Toy Crazes 2019

Hatchimals Pixies

New from Hatchimals are the Pixies. Came 3rd in the Collectibles category at the recent BlogOn Toy Awards.

New Toy Crazes 2019


New posable Robot figures with four to collect. As seen on Netflix. For ages 4+.

New Toy Crazes 2019



New from Ty, the Flippables are 15cm plush toys with super-touchable reversible sequins.

New Toy Crazes 2019

Who’s Your Llama

Llamas are very popular right now and this new collectible features 12 different ones, each with their own personalities in random, surprise packs.

New Toy Crazes 2019

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Tiny Toes

Interactive dolls that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. They sing, play games, giggle and so much more! Not for kids under four years.

New Toy Crazes 2019

Pop Pops Pets

Once you start popping, you can’t stop!

toy crazes

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Yellies

Voice-activated collectible spider – the louder you yell, the faster they go! Each Yellie has its own distinctive personality.

New Toy Crazes 2019 yellies

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Lil Gleemerz

New collectible from Mattel. The Lil Gleemerz are interactive toys  with rainbow light-up tails, glowing eyes, and quirky sounds and phrases.

New Toy Crazes 2019 Lil Gleemerz

Bush Baby Mini Collectibles

New collectibles from the Bush Baby World range. Containing six surprises including a bush baby figure all inside the pod.

New Toy Crazes 2019 bush baby world

Little Lucky Lunchbox

New surprise lunchbox collectible with two foodie friends and two secrets inside. For ages 4+.

New Toy Crazes 2019 little lucky lunchbox

New Toy Crazes 2020 – Mighty Beanz

Mighty Beans are little beans that actually come alive! There are 120 to collect in series one including rare ones. Available in singles, multi-pack (shown) and mega-packs. There is a new Fortnite edition too.

toy crazes 2019

Toy Crazes 2019

New Toy Crazes – Hatchimals Mermal Magic

The ever-popular Hatchimals has launched new collectibles in their Colleggtibles range with a mermaid theme. Mermal Magic feature seashell-shaped eggs and colour-changing Hatchimals. Mermaids are looking big for 2019.

toy crazes 2019

Rubik’s Cube

Still the best-loved puzzle around. In fact, it was a finalist in the ‘Fam Fun’ category of the Dream Toys 2019.

And now there’s also Rubik’s Edge with just the one side to deal with – surely this must be easier?!

latest toy crazes

Will Slime Stick Around?

Slime is still super-popular. Lots of ‘Slimers’ (yes, it’s a thing!) have their own recipes and command lots of attention on social media. If you’re starting out with slime, it’s a good idea to buy a kit.

Elmer’s also does a slime starter pack complete with  Clear Glue, Glitter Glue Pens and Magical Liquid Slime Activator Solution.

new toy crazes 2019 - slime starter pack

Toy Crazes Down The Years

Back in the day, it was the hula-hoop, Yo-Yo and the Rubik’s Cube. We had double-dutch skipping and hopscotch crazes too. For boys it was mostly trading cards and stickers.

More recently there were Squinkies, Loom Bands, Tsum Tsums, Zhu Zhu Pets, Silly bandz and Moshi Monsters. For 2019, it looks like collectible toys will remain very popular.

Also, you know a craze is a craze when it is banned from school. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s over. Lots of crazes are reinvented time and time again.

Children love new toy crazes

Children love a craze because they love novelty. If something’s new, they want it. Kids don’t have the same ability to wait for things. Sometimes this can be very frustrating for adults. This could be people on social media as well as real-life friends and acquaintances. If someone they admire has something, they may well want it to because they want to be like that person.

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