New Toy Crazes 2021

By | 23/06/2021

The Latest Toy Crazes For Kids

Here’s our pick of the New Toy Crazes 2021. These are the coolest new toys we think will be popular for boys and girls this year. Toy Crazes are often smaller collectible toys that build around a theme such as unwrapping, slime, unicorns, aliens or dinosaurs. They are sometimes referred to as ‘playground crazes’. Toy trends often build on ideas from games, YouTube videos or follow the latest TV shows. Here’s the latest, most-wanted on-trend toys and crazes we’ve heard about. Grown-ups – if you can’t find any of these products locally, we’ve included links to Amazon [Disclosure].

Jiggly Pets

Shown here in the pink pup, the Jiggly Pets are new collectible interactive toys.

image of jiggly pets dog in pink one of our picks of the top must have latest toy crazes for kids 2021

Ice Lolly Pop It

Great as a giveaway for a kids’ party – the pop it of the summer!

image of ice lolly pop it one of our picks of the latest toy crazes for boys and girls

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu – Space Jam

New from Goo Jit Zu is this Space Jam set with Super Stretchy Bugs Bunny and Super Squishy LeBron James.

image of the space jam pack heroes of goo jit zu featuring bugs bunny and le bron james and one of our picks of the latest toy crazes 2021

Pop Bubbles

The latest sensory toy craze shown here in the rainbow two-pack.

image of pop bubbles also know as Pop It, one of the latest toy crazes, this is the double pack

LEGO Mia Pug Cube

Surprise unwrapping cube from LEGO.

image of lego mia pug cube one of our picks of the must have toy crazes 2021


One of the biggest trends of the minute. Shown here in the 19cm flamingo and hamster. So cute!

image of the 19cm squishmallow flamingo one of the biggest toy trends crazes of 2021

image of the squishmallow hamster one of the latest toy crazes of 2021


Delightful little playsets for your Squishmallows. Shown here in the kitchen set and picnic set.

image of the kitchen playset of Squishville one of our picks of the latest toy crazes

image of the picnic playset of Squishville one of our picks of the latest toy crazes

Little Tikes Rescue Tales Babies

Wave One of the Rescue Tales babies from Little Tikes. These adoptable pets are soft and huggable with life-like movements and sounds. There are four breeds to collect. For ages 3+.

image of little tikes rescue babies one of our picks of the toys crazes 2021

Love Diana Surprise Trunks

New surprise unwrapping trunks from Love Diana of YouTube fame.

love diana trunks, one of our picks of the best new latest toy crazes

LOL Surprise Dance Dance

LOL Surprise Dance Dance doll with eight surprises.

LOL surprise dance dance doll with eight surprises one of our picks of the best latest must have toy crazes


Adorable squishaboos from the Ty brand. Shown here in Kiki cat.

squishaboos in Kiki cat one of our pick of the latest toy crazes

Rainbocorns Puppycorns

New from the Rainbocorns are the Puppycorns with a scratch and reveal heart.

rainbocorns puppycorns, new scratch and reveal heart, one of our picks of the latest toy crazes shown here in pink

Pokemon Sword and Shield Battle Styles

Shown here in a three-pack.

pokemon sword and shield

LEGO Super Mario Series 2

Mystery pack with one character to build.

image of super mario lego character pack one of our picks of the latest toy crazes 2021

SuperThings Secret Spies

Featured below is the pack with ten figures including one super-rare gold figure.

image of toy craze superthings super spies collectables with ten figures

Little Live Scruff Surprise

Shown here in the Vet Rescue Bunny Family.

image of little scruff surprise vet bunny family

LEGO Marvel Figures

New LEGO sets featuring Marvel Superheroes, shown here in Thor. For ages 7+. Well-priced for a birthday gift.

lego marvel superheroes featuring thor is one of the latest toy crazes we've picked for 2021

Cats Vs Pickles Plush

Shown here in ‘Puzzle Puss’ but available in lots of different characters.

latest toy crazes include Cats vs pickles

WOW Pods

New collectible craze featuring lots of your favourite characters and themes including Marvel, Disney and Harry Potter. Just swipe to light up the pods and reveal the mystery backdrop.

latest toy crazes wow pods featuring marvel superheroes

latest must have toy crazes 2021 include Harry Potter wow pods

latest must have toy crazes frozen wow pods elsa

LEGO Dots Cupcake Party

Creative set from the new LEGO Dots range with eight customisable cupcakes. For kids 6 and over.

lego dot art and craft cupcake set

New Toy Crazes 2021 – Dino Strike

Battling dinosaur with five surprises.

new toy crazes 2021 dino

Real Littles – Season 14

The cute little minis from season 14.

latest toy crazes

New Toy Crazes 2021 – Rubik’s Cube

As tested on the latest How To Spend It Well At Christmas ITV show. Rubik’s Cube has been around for a long time but still holds its appeal.

new toy crazes 2021 rubiks

New Toy Crazes 2021 – Fix Fail

Cute makeover dolls where you use your skills to fix the fails!

new toy crazes 2021 fix fail

Harry Potter Magical Capsule

New HP surprise collectable with seven surprises including a Hogwarts character. One of the toys that created the most interest on our site last Christmas.

new toy crazes 2021 harry potter

LOL Surprise Remix Hair Flip

Part of the LOL Remix collection. On the latest list of Dream Toys in the Tiny Treats section.

new toy crazes 2021 LOL

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Series 2

One of the latest Dream Toys in the Tiny Treats category. These all new super squishy stretchy heroes now have new fillings and new weapon fists. For ages 4+.

new toy crazes 2021

New Toy Crazes 2021 – Jelli Rez

Create unique, resin-inspired designs in a fun and easy 3-step process that takes only 15 minutes. This makes candy-style jewellery and is for kids over 7 years of age.

new toy crazes 2021 jelli rez

New Toy Crazes 2021 – Mini Brands

These little supermarket packs are all the rage. Features in the Tiny Treats section of the latest Dream Toys.

latest toy crazes

Unicorn Squad

Unwrap, peel and reveal each capsule to find a sassy member of the Unicorn Squad. Unicorns look set to feature strongly in the New Toy Crazes 2021.

latest toy crazes unicorn squad

BFF Bright Fairy Friends

New surprise collectible fairies with motion-activated twinkle lights. There are 12 in the first series. For ages 3+.

Latest toy crazes BFF

Treasure X Sunken Gold

Single packs of the new Treasure X Sunken Gold Surprises. Smash the bottle to reveal the surprises inside. For ages 6+.

latest toy crazes

Curli Girls

Each doll features colourful patented ‘Magicurl’ hair. You can stretch the hair to create amazing, tight curls and style with cute hair accessories.

latest toy crazes

New Toy Crazes 2021 – Glitter Gelli Baf

Turns your bathwater into a glittery jelly bath. It’s all eco-friendly and biodegradeable.

latest toy crazes

Hatchimals Cosmic Candy

New from Hatchimals, the Cosmic Candy multi-pack with mystery features and reusable eggs.

toy crazes

Smashers Ice Age

Surprise egg from Smashers featuring dinosaur skeleton and other surprises.

toy crazes

New Toy Crazes 2021 – Roblox

World Zero multi-pack. Mix and match these six characters.
toy crazes roblox

LEGO Dots Bracelet

Creative DIY bracelet from LEGO. Extra tiles are available.

Toy Crazes 2020 LEGO Dots

Surprise Vet Rescue Polar Bear Family

Surprise collectable from Scruff-a-luv. For ages 5+.

latest toy crazes

Vet Squad

Meet the Vet Squad, a sassy squad of intrepid explorers who are always ready to race to the rescue.

latest toys crazes vet squad

I Dig Monsters

Dig to find the figure with a cool colour change surprise!

latest toy crazes

New Toy Crazes 2021 – VIP Pets

These are water-reveal surprise doggies. Water reveal crazes look set to feature in the new toy crazes 2021.

latest toy crazes

Hexbug Micro Creatures

Little robotic bugs with a bouncing tail and free-swinging claws. For the over-8s, requires batteries.

Latest toy crazes

Kinetic Sand Buried Treasure

Use one of three mystery hidden tools to dig for three coins. For ages 3+

Latest toy crazes

New Toy Crazes 2021 – 44 Cats Figures

These are 7cm figures from the popular 44 Cats cartoon.

latest toy crazes

Cutetitos Fruititos

Series Four of the Cutetitos features fruit wraps.

latest toy crazes

New Toy Crazes 2021 – Baby Born Surprise

Now in series four. Over ten exciting surprises and there are 12 to collect.

toy crazes

Kitten Catfé

The new surprise Purrista dolls come in their own coffee cup with 12 to collect.

Latest Toy Crazes Kitten Catfe

New Toy Crazes 2021 – Shellies

Little mermaids who live in a shell. Magically opens with water. With five surprises. Supervised play for ages 3+.

Latest Toy Crazes Shellies

Superzings series 5

The Superzings are now in series 5. This is a blister pack with ten figurines including one super-rare one.

Latest Toy crazes

New Toy Crazes 2021 – Hairdorables Series 4

Scented doll with 11 surprises inside!

Latest toy crazes hairdorables 4

FgTeeV Giant Mystery TV Collectible

Based on the very successful YouTube channel and filled with surprises including a collectible mystery figure, photo- reactive putty, a mini black light and vinyl stickers. For ages 3+

latest Toy crazes

New Toy Crazes 2021 – Power Pux Challenge Pack

One of the Hero Toys of last year. You can play, collect and trade the Power Pux. This is a challenge pack where you can play against your friends. Includes a launcher, Pux cups, target and five Pux discs.

latest toy crazes power pux

New Toy Crazes 2021 – Cloudees

Add water and shake up a surprise cloud creation experience that kids will love.

toy crazes cloudees

LEGO Friends Playcube

New collectible from LEGO with 36 pieces, one doll and a surprise pet. Great gift to take to a birthday party for ages 6+. Smaller LEGO ideas such as Playcube look set to feature strongly in the new toy crazes 2021.

toy crazes lego friends playcube

Na Na Na Surprise

New unboxing surprise doll which features a real balloon that you inflate and then pop to find your confetti surprise. There are six to collect in series one.

toy crazes

Will Slime Stick Around?

Slime is still super-popular. Lots of ‘Slimers’ (yes, it’s a thing!) have their own recipes and command lots of attention on social media. If you’re starting out with slime, it’s a good idea to buy a kit. This glitter set from Elmer’s is one of the best-selling kits on Amazon at the moment. No extra ingredients are required. Always supervise slime play.

Latest toy crazes slime

Here’s the Mega Slime set from the National Geographic brand which eight varieties of slime and putty including pre-made magnetic putty, fluffy slime, glow-in-the-dark putty, liquid slime, colour-changing putty, snotty slime, bouncing putty and DIY glow-in-the-dark slime lab.

latest toy crazes slime

What are the new Toy Crazes 2021?

Massive at the moment are the Squishmallow squishy toys and the popper fidget toys. Surprise capsule toys seem to continue to be popular this year and familiar themes such as dinosaurs are right up there. The little minis craze still seems to be going strong plus the slime craze that’s been around for a few years still seems to be sticking around.

Toy Crazes Down The Years

Back in the day, it was the hula-hoop, Yo-Yo and the Rubik’s Cube. We had double-dutch skipping and hopscotch crazes too. For boys it was mostly trading cards and stickers.

More recently there were Squinkies, Loom Bands, Tsum Tsums, Zhu Zhu Pets, Silly bandz and Moshi Monsters. For 2019, it looks like collectible toys will remain very popular.

Also, you know a craze is a craze when it is banned from school. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s over. Lots of crazes are reinvented time and time again.

New Toy Crazes 2021 – Children love new toy crazes

Children love a craze because they love novelty. If something’s new, they want it. Kids don’t have the same ability to wait for things. Sometimes this can be very frustrating for adults. This could be people on social media as well as real-life friends and acquaintances. If someone they admire has something, they may well want it to because they want to be like that person.

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