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By | 13/05/2019

Celebrate In Style In 2019!

What are the best party ideas this year? We’ve put together a list of what works well for birthday parties (and, in fact, all kinds of celebrations) and what’s new and on trend for parties this year. In case you can’t find any of these products locally, we’ve included links to Amazon [disclosure].

Party Ideas – Invitations

An electronic invitation always seems to work best for most parties. There’s plenty of free templates available on Canva which is super-quick and easy to use. Just attach your design to an email and off you go.


There’s loads of inspiration for party themes and decorations on Pinterest which is always our first stop. Bunting, banners and honeycomb hanging decorations are all perfect for adding some pizzazz to any setting.


Happy Birthday sign with heart

Party Ideas

Unicorn Party

party ideas

Bunting For Outside Or Inside

Party Ideas

Party Ideas – Balloons

Balloons never go out of style for a birthday. They are a good ice-breaker for the early children to play with while others arrive. Kids never seem to tire of bashing them up in the air and chasing them around the room. A helium-filled balloon is a great going-home gift but as you probably expect, the canisters you buy online don’t keep the balloons up that long. We love the new confetti balloons. Remember balloon weights if you’re using helium balloons for decorations on tables.

Frozen Party Balloons

party ideas

Happy Birthday Confetti Balloons

Party Ideas

Happy Birthday Balloons

Party Ideas

Party Ideas

Emoji Balloons

Party Ideas

Helium Canister

Party Ideas – Inflatables and Props

Inflatables are a great way to dress a setting without having to spend too much money. Children will love playing with them too. They also make a very desirable going home present. Photo-booths are a current trend for birthday parties. There’s a wide range of props to buy online. These make brilliant photo memories for social media or making in to Thank You cards.

Inflatable Monkey

Party Ideas

Dinosaur Inflatable

Party Ideas

Photo-Booth Props

Party Ideas

Party Ideas – Party Games

You won’t need reminding of all the traditional party games but there are some family games that work well in larger groups too. Here’s two of our favourite party ideas for games and see more family games which might be suitable.

Bop It

Party Ideas

Hot Potato

Party Ideas

Party Ideas – Face Painting

Face Painting can work well at a party for younger children if there’s other activities – such as a bouncy castle – on offer too. We recommend practicing styles and not trying to be too ambitious. Sometimes, a smaller motif such as a butterfly on the cheek works well but doesn’t take too long if there’s a queue.

Party Ideas

Party Ideas – Party Bags

Party bags are the perfect way to round off a party. If you don’t want to go the traditional route, read our post on alternative party bags. See also our page on Latest Toy Crazes for ideas. Otherwise, here are our favourite bags and fillers:

Snowflake Paper Party Bags

Perfect for a Frozen party.

party ideas

Beautifully Crafted Paper Bags

Go more eco-friendly with paper bags in a variety of colours.

party ideas

Party Ideas

party ideas

Emoji Drawstring Party Bags

Emoji party bags for kids parties


DIY Cone Sweetie Bags

Make sure you have a mix of larger, lighter sweets (flumps or marshmallows are good)  and smaller treats or the cones will be too heavy.

Party Ideas

Pre-Filled Party Bags

This is the no-hassle party bag solution. You can buy exact numbers so you’ll probably save money too. See also our blog post on how to keep your party bags plastic free.

Party Ideas

Crazy glasses

One of the best party ideas – crazy glasses are always a winner!

party ideas

Slap Bracelets

Remaining super-popular for parties in 2019, this is one of the best party ideas for kids.

party ideas

Super Hero Snap Bands

party ideas


A bubble machine at an outdoor party for toddlers is a great idea too.

Party Ideas


Stationery items for party bags


Party Ideas


A pinata is great fun at a kids’ party and works well at the end of the event to revive the excitement. Make sure everyone takes their turn and shares the gifts.

Unicorn pinata

Unicorns are one of the standout toy trends of the last year. If you’re hosting a unicorn party, you may also be interested in our post on unicorn presents.

party ideas

Dinosaur pinata

party ideas

Gold star pinata

party ideas

Football pinata

party ideas

Pinata presents

Also add small sweets (packs of Haribo are perfect as they are quite light) to a mix of party gifts.

party ideas


Why buy party supplies online?

The key reason for buying party supplies online is the range. Although it’s much easier now to find themed party accessories at supermarkets and specialist toy and gift shops, the best choice is on the internet. This is especially true if you’re looking for niche products such as Fortnite or Paw Patrol. You also get the best party ideas by shopping this way.

Check prices for the best party supplies

The internet is a good way to compare prices but shopping around takes time. You may decide it’s worth paying more to buy from a trusted seller rather than trawling through the price comparison and voucher code sites. And, a great deal isn’t as great if the delivery charges are sky-high. A trusted site offering free delivery and returns (this may be very important if you order multiple items to check sizing) may be cheaper in the long run.

Check specifications

Be sure to check the actual size, colour and quantity of goods before you buy. Online pictures can be very deceptive. Read the description carefully because the picture might not show the reverse of a product which has a detail that’s important. Also, some retailers do not guarantee you will receive a certain colour of product which can be especially true of party products.

Read reviews but keep perspective

Reviews are a great way for consumers to share knowledge and provide useful feedback for retailers. But always look at the broader picture of reviews especially for party ideas. Do not be put off by the odd negative one – the reviewer may have an axe to grind.

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