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By | 08/07/2018

Six Science Sets They’ll Love!

Science sets are a great gift for sparking a kid’s interest in all things science-y. Here are six sets, suitable for ages ranging from six years – teen, that prove science is anything but boring. In case you can’t find any of these products locally, we’ve included links to Amazon.

Science Sets – Really Gross Science

Amazon Choice Product. Ten extremely gross science projects. Slimey, gooey, sticky, gross out fun. Ages 7 years+.

Science Kits

Science Sets – Explosive Experiments

Six experiments including Lava Lamp, Cool Rocket and Fizz Bombs. Ages 8 years+ with adult supervision.

Science Sets

Science Sets – Kitchen Science

Amazon Choice Product. Includes experiment to make electricity with a fork and a lemon. Ages 8 years+ with adult supervision.

Science Sets

Science Sets – Magnetic Science

Contains nine fun magnetic experiments. Great way to explore and discover magnets. Ages 6 years+ with adult supervision.

Science Sets

Science Sets – Chemistry Lab

More of a proper chemistry set. Complete with 100 experiments. Great starter set for young scientists aged 10 years+.

Science Sets

Science Sets – Sparkle Science

Five glittery science experiments including bath bomb and glitter chalk. Ages 8 years+.

Science Sets

What is STEAM?

STEAM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Art. So, these toys all have an educational side related to one or more of these areas of learning. Some examples of STEAM Educational Toys range from slime making kits to solar robots. The sets mentioned above all involve chemistry.

Why are STEAM educational toys important?

We live in a world dominated by technology and science. And by helping our children learn to innovate will aid their future success. One way to do this is to make education fun and engaging. Plus, this encourages children to explore and experiment. Furthermore, STEAM educational toys help develop important skills like problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking.

Please check suitability – including age suitability – very carefully before making a purchase. We only test products where stated. This page contains affiliate links – what does this mean?

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