Are You Shopping Early For Christmas?

By | October 13, 2019

Is It Too Soon To Start Buying Presents?


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Are you shopping early for Christmas? During August, a very organised friend confessed she was already at it. In fact, she had begun present-buying in the January sales. Her spare room is already so crowded with gifts that guests can only get in and out of bed one side. So, is it better to shop early or leave it until the last minute?

Shopping early for christmas

Why it’s a good idea to start shopping early for Christmas

Get the best-sellers before they sell out

The must-have toy of Christmas 2016 was the original Hatchimal. So popular was this hatching egg that suppliers simply couldn’t keep up with demand. According to reports on the internet, desperate parents were paying crazy prices to get their hands on them. So, if your kids want something particularly badly this year, you might consider buying it early.

Avoid the crush

I love the idea of Christmas shopping on crisp winter evenings with the lights and baubles zig-zagged across the streets. But I don’t like the crowds, the queues and having to push past people laden down with bags. Starting early means you avoid the crush. You can always go and soak up the atmosphere without having to shop.

Better gifts but at what price?

Shopping early for Christmas may give you more time to search for the best gifts. Last-minute buyers sometimes reach for the first thing they see because they haven’t spent long enough looking around. Keep a rolling list of possible presents on your phone and get your family to browse catalogues or online shops to give you more ideas. However, waiting for discount events like Black Friday can save money.

Less stress

Being organised and shopping early means less stress and more time to devote to other pre-Christmas tasks. Enjoy the benefits of shopping early for Christmas but don’t be too smug!

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