What Are Squishies?

By | 01/04/2018

The Adorable Collectible

Squishies are small soft foam toys that come in many different shapes and sizes. They are currently one of the top-selling Toy Crazes. Not only are they cute and collectible but squishies are also perfectly pocket-sized, which is crucial for a playground craze. See our page on other Toy Crazes. If you can’t find any of these products locally, we’ve added links to Amazon.

Squishies Are Often Shaped Like Food Or Pets

Squishies are often food or pet/animal related. There are many popular ones but cookies and pandas seem to be especially sought after. Some Squishies have strings – or loops for strings – so they can be attached to a key chain or school backpack.

No. 1 Best Selling Squishy on Amazon (May 2018)

Soft N Slo Squishes


Popcorn Squishy

Watermelon Squishy


Fruit Pack Squishies

Check Delivery Carefully If Buying Online

Of course, you get a great selection online but many squishies come from overseas so you need to check delivery times carefully before buying. Also check age-suitability very carefully too.

Why Are They Called Kawaii Squishies?

Kawaii means cute in Japanese and these little collectables are certainly that. There are many different styles and shapes to choose from including licensed brands such as Hello Kitty and Despicable Me. Of course, emojis are popular squishies.

The rubberized foam material they are made from squishes easily and then reverts back to its original shape. This connects with the whole current craze of slime/foam/kinetic sand toys which are satisfying to play with.

So On Trend

These adorable toys also reference a few current trends. First, they are very collectible and swappable. Second, collectibles are a key trend in the toy world at the moment. It’s fun to attach them to a backpack too. Finally, they are very affordable. So, they are a good playground craze because everyone can have them. They also pick up on the current trend for tactile toys – perfect for squeezing.

They are at the price-point that they make great presents for birthday parties or party bags.


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