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Slime is a toy sensation which can be made up from kits or using a variety of ingredients sourced from home or the internet. It is part of the ‘tactile’ toy craze which also includes Squishies.


You can buy all the products needed to make your own squidgy stuff on the internet. Or you can purchase everything in a kit and this could save money. There are many great sets out there which tap in to the current trend for STEAM Educational Toys.

All slimes are all squishable in a highly satisfying and relaxing way. A good slime won’t stick or mark. This was a craze that grew out of social media especially YouTube. One of the best-known of the YouTubers in this area is Karina Garcia who has brought out a book about making the stuff at home.

It goes without saying that this is not something young children or pets should be playing with. Always keep your slime stuff safely out of reach of them.

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