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What’s New In The Playground?

All kids love toy crazes. Playground crazes are toy crazes that become so popular, they spill over in to school. With the growth of the internet and social media, crazes can peak in a very short period of time. In case you can’t find any of these products locally, we’ve included links to Amazon [disclosure]. These are current toy crazes we’ve heard about here at Must Have Toys.

We last updated this page on 14 November 2018.

Bubbleezz Snow Beast

Chosen as one of the Stocking Fillers in the Dream Toys 2018.

Toy Crazes

Funko Fortnite

The brilliant Funko vinyl figures are now available in all your fave Fortnite characters.

Toy Crazes


Very cute concept toy where your kids turn a scruffy ball in to their new FFF (furry friend forever). Wash, dry, brush and love these adorable pets. Includes grooming kit and adoption certificate. Definitely one of the Must Have Toys 2018.

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New squeezable plush pet.

Latest Toy Crazes

LOL Under Wraps

See our blog post on LOL Surprise Dolls with all the latest additions. This new LOL has 15 surprises.

Latest Toy Crazes

Hatchimals Season 4

The latest from the hugely successful Hatchimals range.

Latest Toy Crazes

Zoomer Hungry Bunnies

An interactive bunny that really eats paper treats!

Latest Toy Crazes


Brand new and eagerly awaited. Not a small toy but definitely a craze. You don’t know which one you’ll get!

latest toy crazes


Collectible plush tooth with very human teeth!

Toy Crazes

Stink Bomz

New from Tomy, the Stink Bomz are a collection of silly, smelly characters.

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Puppy Dog Pals

New plush collectible.

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Toy Crazes – Crate Creatures

On Hamleys Top 12 Toys For Christmas 2018. Slam them down in the playground.

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The ‘purrfect’ little friend. Pomsies are new toy crazes with 50+ reactions.

Toy Crazes

Shopkins Lil Secrets

Perfect for the pocket and the playground. Crack the code to enter the secret mini world.

Latest Toy Crazes

Sweet Pups

The surprise, unwrapping toy pastry with a scented puppy inside.

Latest Toy Crazes

Toy Crazes – Hairdorables

The latest surprise doll around with amazing hair that’s perfect for brushing and styling.

Latest Toy Crazes

Smashy Mashy

Stinky, squashy, squishy creatures in ooze reveal container. Great playground craze toy.

Latest Toy Crazes

Toy Crazes – Squeez-em Squishy Keyring

The emoji and squishy toy crazes in keyring form.

Latest Toy Crazes


Surprise creative kit to make your own Smooshin.

Latest Toy Crazes

Toy Crazes – Doorables

One of the Disney Toy Crazes. Unbox all your fave characters.

Latest Toy Crazes

Treasure X

On Argos’s Christmas Toy List 2018, Surprise/reveal collectible.

Latest Toy Crazes

Toy Crazes – Bubbleezz

Like squishies but with jelly balls inside. Cute playground craze toy.

Latest Toy Crazes


Fidget ‘Spin To Win’ challenge game. On John Lewis’s list of Christmas Toy Predictions 2018. We think it’ll be big in the playground.

Latest Toy CRazes

Poopsie Unicorn Surprise

Combines the slime, unicorn, poop emoji and surprise trends. Also available in smaller collectibles. Features on the Christmas Toy Lists of Argos, Amazon and Smyths.

Latest Toy Crazes

Funko Pop Harry Potter

Blind box minis with 5cm figures. Pocket-sized playground craze toys.

Toy Crazes – Twisty Petz

Sparkly little pets that transform in to bracelets. So cute!

Latest Toy Crazes

Elasti Plasti

Fits with the slime/tactile toy crazes. Elasti Plasti is stretchy non-sticky plastic. On Hamleys Christmas Toy List.

Toy Crazes – Smooshy Mushy

The Do-Dat Donuts each has with a different scent and surprise bestie.

Smooshie Mushy Series 3

Ready 2 Robot

Mystery blind packs which you can build, swap and battle. Lots of toy crazes in one.

Latest Toy Crazes Ready2Robot

Cutie Fruities

Plush surprise collectible. The plushies are always toy crazes.

Latest Toy Crazes

Toy Crazes – Paw Patrol Mini Boos

From the very popular TV show for pre-schoolers.

Latest Toy Crazes

Party Popteenies

Surprise unboxing with a party theme.

latest toy crazes

Lost Kitties

Blind boxes of the cute lost kitties. Cute toy craze toy.

Latest Toy Crazes Blind Bags

Random bags with bendable toy characters from the ever popular app.

Latest Toy Crazes


Easy to pose figurine toys with free app for iphone and Android.

Latest Toy Crazes

Toy Crazes – Galupy

Magical horse collectibles. One of the fantasy-style toy crazes.

Latest Toy Crazes


See our blog post on Fingerlings. One of the best-selling toy crazes of Christmas 2017.

New Toy Crazes 2018 Fingerlings Unicorn


Latest Toy Crazes

Latest Toy Crazes

Grossery Gang

The Grossery Gang is now in Season 4.

Latest Toy Crazes


Collectible that hits on the pooping toy trend.

Toy Crazes 2018 Poopeez

Unicorn Thinking Putty

The famous Crazy Aaron’s putty now in unicorn.

latest toy crazes

Flush Force

Pooping/toilet toy trend in force here.

Toy Crazes

Baby Secrets

Cute unwrapping surprise toy from Zapf.

Baby Secrets

Cheeki Mees

The Cheeki Mees chatter away in their cheeky language.

Latest Toy Crazes 2018

Pikmi Pops

Contains surprise plushies in pop packaging.


Series two of the Smashers with a ‘gross’ theme.


Latest Toy Crazes

Cake Pop Cuties

Mystery unwrapping squishy collectible.

Latest Toy Crazes Cake Pop Cuties


In loads of themes – this one is Paw Patrol.

Latest toy crazes

Squeeze Popper

Love the squeeze poppers. Here in unicorn with multi-coloured balls.

Latest Toy Crazes

Tangle Puzzle

Great fidget puzzle for little fingers.


Slime is still going strong! See our blog post on why slime is sticking around in 2018.

Latest Toy Crazes

What toy crazes do you remember?

Back in the day, it was the hula-hoop, Yo-Yo and the Rubik’s Cube. In fact, sales of the Rubik’s Cube have been increasing recently. Could it be that we’re in for another Cube Craze…?

We had double-dutch skipping and hopscotch crazes too. For boys it was mostly trading cards and stickers.

More recently Squinkies, Loom Bands, Tsum Tsums, Zhu Zhu Pets, Silly bandz and Moshi Monsters have all trended in our house. Sometimes, it is the oddest things that take off – there was a mini pumpkin craze one Halloween at my daughter’s school.

Personal experience suggests these crazes and trends are at their height between the ages of 7-12 years.

Many toy crazes get banned from the playground

Also, you know a craze is a craze when it is banned from school. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s over. Lots of crazes are reinvented time and time again. See Rubik’s Void above. This is a reinvention of the incredibly popular Rubik’s Cube which was around in the 1980s. Then you had to buy a book to find out how to solve it. Today kids can just jump to YouTube where the solutions can be found in minutes.

Why do kids love toy crazes so much?

Children love a craze because they love novelty. If something’s new, they want it. Kids don’t have the same ability to wait for things. Sometimes this can be very frustrating for adults. Children are also highly influenced by others around them. This could be people on social media as well as real-life friends and acquaintances. If someone they admire has something, they may well want it to because they want to be like that person.

Pocket money toy crazes

Little Collectibles have always been popular because they are  cheap to buy and easy to get hold of. Trading cards or stickers have long been crazes, from football cards to Moshi Monsters. Kids love toy crazes with a surprise element.

However, there is a new trend in mystery packs, also called ‘Blind Bags’. Back in the day, you used to be able to buy ‘Surprise Bags’ which contains small toys and sweets. There was incredible excitement about discovering exactly what was inside. It’s also the same idea as the ever-popular Kinder Surprise Egg.

Some people say Mystery Bags are a good way to teach children about dealing with disappointment if they do not get what they want.

Toy unwrapping

Children find out what’s hot from their social media feeds. Even young children have YouTube and Instagram accounts so these are a good place for marketers to target them. A recent craze on YouTube is the whole ‘present unwrapping’ thing. This is where children watch videos of other children (very often this is how these young media stars emerge) opening presents.

It’s a good way for children to understand exactly how a toy works. They can also see it from the perspective of another child. Watching videos on YouTube is probably the number one way your child will make choices about which toys they’d like as presents.

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