Wow Wee Fingerlings

By | September 13, 2018

What A Great Collectible

The Wow Wee Fingerlings Monkey was one of the stand-out collectibles of 2017. The range has expanded in 2018 and now includes the original six monkeys – Mia (purple with white hair) Zoe (blue with purple hair), Boris (blue with orange hair) Bella (yellow with pink hair) Finn (black with blue hair) Sophie (white with pink hair) as well as eight new two-tone monkeys, also five glitter monkeys,  sloths, unicorns and now dinosaurs too.

Three Fingerlings products were on the Argos Christmas Toy List 2018 – Untamed T-Rex, Untamed Dino cage and Fingerlings Hugs.

Fingerlings Trex Iron Jaws

Wow wee fingerlings

Wow Wee Fingerlings Untamed Raptor

Wow Wee Fingerlings

Two-Tone Monkey – Wow Wee Fingerlings

Wow Wee Fingerlings


Wow Wee Fingerlings Glitter Monkey

Wow Wee Fingerlings


 Unicorn – Wow Wee Fingerlings

Wow Wee Fingerlings

Fingerlings Sloth

Wow Wee Fingerlings

Wow Wee Fingerlings Hugs

Wow Wee Fingerlings was Toy Of The Year at the TOTY Awards 2018

The Fingerlings Monkey was named Toy Of The Year 2018 and Collectible Of The Year 2018 at the TOTY Awards. It also featured in the list of 12 Dream Toys selected by a panel of retailers made up of large chains, large and small multiples and independent retailers.

Buying advice

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